February 5, 2008

Jewelry Workshop at Etsy

On February 3rd, Etsy Labs had a beginner's jewelry workshop with Danielle, aka PreciousPups.Etsy.com which I attended with about five other women. I got to meet some great ladies - one of whom, was BrooklynButterfly.Etsy.com, another member of The {NewNew} Street Team (it was great to meet you!).

I do some jewelry on the side but really wanted to brush up on my technique - and this class was perfect for that. Danielle went over the basics of wire working, wrapping and polishing using the flex shaft. I learned that a bic pen is the perfect size to form ear wires and that I need to get myself some polishing compound! I go back next week for a mini workshop on soldering and the torch - I can't wait!

aka KimmChi.Etsy.com


nina kuriloff said...

The jewelry workshop must have been wonderful!
I am so glad that you found it so useful!

And learning how to solder, etc. will be terrific.

You are really acquiring some important skills.
Great going!

KimmChi said...

Thanks Nina!