February 15, 2008

thoughts about Valentine's Day

How was Valentine's Day for you?
For me, it was dinner out with my man.

On my way to meet him at the restaurant I noticed a line of people waiting to purchase flowers at a flower stand.

I sincerely hope that single people with no romantic ties did not have a bad day yesterday and feel very lonely.

There is always the expectation that holidays like Valentine's Day are very important and meaningful.


KimmChi said...

I too went out for dinner. But found it amusing how some couple obviously just went out because they felt they had too - some couples near us sat in silence the whole time!

nina kuriloff said...

Couples seated at a table together in a restaurant, in total silence, truly speaks sadness.

KimmChi said...

yes, it was - she stared at him - he took no notice. It was very sad. And they looked like they had been together a long while