May 3, 2008

My Wedding Favors

I knew from the beginning that I wanted a unique and creative wedding favor. I did plenty of research but didn't find exactly what I wanted so I went ahead and made it myself. My vision was quite simple: I wanted to give something that was fun yet practical.

My solution: Altoids tins, Japanese candy & scrapbook paper!

The final result: The perfect wedding favor. (After my wedding, I started offering this in my shop and it has become a very popular item. Unfortunately, I've bought out all the tins on Ebay (just kidding) and now use metal tins that are very similar)

Wai Sze


ThePeachTree said...

these are gorgeous :) What a unique idea for your wedding favors!

DripStick® said...

Love the doily graphic - it's perfect!

bungaloe said...

i love these how cool is that? the brilliance of you girls inspires me.