August 25, 2008

One Forlorn Glove to Five Finger Puppets

This is a very easy project and the possibilities are endless.

What you will need:
-Left-over used gloves
-Bits of felt
-Needle and thread

Five digits from one glove = 5 finger puppets!

When you are done with playing with the puppets, they can be turned into marker cozies.

The finger-less glove is still good for working in the cold weather.

Send in your creative samples if you have any.

- May Luk,


KimmChi said...

OMG - I am in love with that little sweater!! Too Cute!

Peter said...

Excellent! The perfect thing to keep my pens nice and warm this winter. :D

Eco Craftiness said...

They turned out awesome! I need to start borrowing kids to have an excuse to do these project ;)

I love all the possibilities you came up with for a glove that someone else might have simply tossed out!

wynnie said...

These are the most fun finger puppets I have seen. The re-use suggestions are good ideas!

waisze said...

Wow these are super adorable!

Jessica said...

OMG!! such a great idea!! Def mst have...=)

alison said...

Fantastic! Who doesn't love a finger puppet?!?

bungaloe said...

awesome idea! love it.