October 2, 2008

Dressing Up With the New New

I want!

Oscar the Octopus Necklace from Pulp Sushi

Grey Wrist warmers from Shutterkate

Olive Skirt Poncho from Fofolle

Hessler Ave handbag from bungaloe

Blue swirl on brown silk screened tee from kimmchi




KimmChi said...

Looks like someone's put together a nice little outfit here :)

MaryAnne LoVerme said...

Perfect for fall!

Marilyn said...

Woohoo! Thanks MaryAnne! Your wish may come true, stay tuned. ;)

waisze said...

Ooh nice choices!

Eco Craftiness said...

Sweet finds! I love bungaloe's handbag! Thanks for featuring my wrist warmers :)