September 23, 2008

Fall Nesting

This is my first foray into the world of blogging….I feel like such a dinosaur in the world of technology. My favorite and best known piece of technology is my sewing machine…beyond that – it's unknown territory.

I’m a single (not soccer or gun-toting) mother, civil servant (yawn) and crafter who oftentimes feels overwhelmed by the technology and speed of this world. I would much rather spend my days sleeping late, napping after that, making the odd outfit or craft item, planting something in the garden, watering something else, or just watching them grow.

As fall moves in, I’m reminded that it’s the second of my least favorite seasons…the first being winter. As the chill moves in, I realize that I don’t have the right shoes or clothes for the transition. And after a few attempts at correcting this, I give up.

By then I’m moving into winter mode. I begin to spend more time at home, mostly in my room which begins to look like several strange creatures nest there. There are growing piles of fabric, trims, notions and other sewing and crafting paraphernalia. I can putter to my hearts content among my “nests” sometimes never finding what I know is there somewhere. But I take comfort in the warmth, knowing that I’m temporarily safe from the harsh winter winds blowing beyond my windows.

But then, alas spring comes, and I promise to organize my workspace like any normal person. And guess what, I start that process, only to have fall and winter come back again before I’ve completed the job. My nests return. Did someone say life’s a cycle? I wonder what they meant. This fall I hope to make many outfits and bags, lots of pillows, table runners, etc so that when spring comes, I’m ready for the street fairs.

Marilyn Ng-A-Qui


May Luk said...

It seems like you home is very cozy and nest friendly. Well done on your first post.

Karen's Monsters said...

I feel like that a lot in the winter too. Thanks for such an eloquent post. Makes me yearn for the years I lived upstate where I did spend most of the winter curled up in my home watching the snow outside.

Eco Craftiness said...

Hah. I'm glad to hear proud talk from a fellow putterer. I always thought I was kind of crazy for enjoying the types of things you mention. It's good to know I'm not alone. ;)