October 6, 2008

The first October Giveaway!!!!!!

It's MONDAY! Which means its time for our brand new Monday Giveaway. Each and Every Monday Stop by to enter to win something fabulous from members of The {NewNew} York Etsy team. This Monday we are proudly giving beautiful octopus necklace by pulpsushi.

Oscar in Chains! He is a vintage pewter, brass, eight-legged pendant measuring 64x53mm. It hangs from a 18 inch inch brass chain. This would look great with that fall sweater you are wearing next week!

Marilyn, from pulpsushi is a native New Yorker, a yoga fiend, a fan of horror movies, and 100% caffeinated. She has fallen hard for jewelry design and making and that is the direction life has taken her. She tries to keep her pieces fun, bold, and kitschy for the young and young at heart. You will also find buttons, magnets, and other fun accessories at her etsy shop.

How to Enter:

1. To enter to win, tell the world why you want this necklace
Post about your love of this necklace from pulpsushi on Myspace, Facebook, livejournal, wordpress, blogger, or your own personal blog or website.

2. Post a LINK back to your personal post right here in the comments section.

3. Entries can be submitted through 10pm Saturday, October 11, 2008.

4. Winners will be selected randomly and will be announced the following Monday with the New contest item.

5. To see the full legal contest rules click here.

Last weeks winner:

The winner of the last weeks fall necklace from thirdfloordesigns goes to rebecca!

Congrats to the winner and I hope you all enter this week!
Can't wait to see your posts! And stay tuned for next week's giveaway.

~jen pepper


Lauren said...


Hi! I'm Lauren, a new etsy seller (but longtime buyer under the name roserevolution). I've been lurking here for a while, but totally needed to comment for a chance to win this sweet pendant.

Cephalopods = love.

robin_titan said...


thank you so much for giving away such a beautiful creation!

Kelli said...


I was in love with this necklace before I even saw it here! SO GORGEOUS! MUST WIN!

Christopher And Tia said...

I made a myspace bulletin, featuring 3 items. Although you might have to add me as a friend in order to see it. But heres the link http://bulletins.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=bulletin.read&authorID=188849019&messageID=6144400055&MyToken=2198dfa3-4513-445c-a81c-245ae60677f5


And I like how you did this giveaway. I feel like sometimes giveaways are too easy to enter, and the artist doesn't get the attention they deserve. But this one was good :)

MaryAnne LoVerme said...



Mayhem said...

I didn't post about it, but it's a great necklace

Anonymous said...

Hey, no offense, but that pendant is anything BUT vintage. I hope the seller wasn't misled when she bought the finding, they are all over Etsy.