December 15, 2008

Prize Bags from The Holiday Handmade Cavalcade 2008

OMG - look at all this loot!

Well there were five bag completely filled with great goodies for the 5 lucky winners of our rafflle at the Holiday Handmade Cavalcade. Thought you might be a winner? Here is the post where our very own Fubabee announces the winning shoppers.

These generous and talented shops donated items:

DewOnAPetalHome - candle + sachet gift set
AdornmentsNYC - earrings
Wabisabi Brooklyn - cufflinks
Jantar - earrings
JDavisstudio - necklace
WishByFelicity - necklace
ThirdFloor - hand bag
The Original Beadscarf - gift certificate
ThePeachTree - earrings
WaiSze - card + gift certificate
Pulp Sushi - Sweetie Ring
MShoelace - card set
East4thstreet - gift certificate
KnitKnit - peapod pins
Ikyoto - neckties
cakehouse - pair of napkins
bluestitchbooks - set of notecards
Loveforever - Complete Embellishing
Allene La Spina - pin and shoeflake
fubabee - print
sarahkathleenwarner - earrings
bshorr - gadget cozy
persuede - earrings
Yania Creations - earrings
Nordea's Soaperie - soap set
cajajewelry - necklace
l'atelier des bijoux - earrings
Beacon Bookmarks - bookmark
L'elephant Rose - necklace
TheHandOfFatima - necklace
Citybitz - pendants
Dirty Loves Clean - bar of soap

Thanks to all those talented shops that donated items, and thanks to all those shoppers whose each purchase increased their chances to win one of these great bags.



bungaloe said...

that is the BEST goodie bag i've seen!!!!!!!!!!!

nordeasoaperie said...

yup...and that is only the swag in ONE raffle bag. There were 4 more bags with great loot too!

Make14Me said...

looks great kim, i hope they enjoy all the stuff
i brought 2 things the day of the event...late member late bird , yet wanted to make sure i was included
i was wondering who won my items and if is possible to get some feedback from them,
let me know
i had a great time!