February 16, 2009

How to Make an Easy Cone Toss

February is National Wedding Month. According to the Wedding Report, the current average cost for a wedding is well over $28,000. With the current economic downturn, it's easy for couples to entertain the idea of going the DIY route wherever possible. As a wedding designer, I'm often asked for tips and ideas on how to do take on some portions of the ceremony or reception to cut cost. Using a cone toss is a very simple way to create something that you can use for your event. All you need is a sheet of paper, some ribbon, tape and a hole punch.

Start by laying the piece of paper lengthwise, and folding the top two corners down until they meet in the middle.

Take one of the lower corners and twist until it forms a cone shape.

Secure the end with tape. (Double-sided tape works well here.)

Measure out ribbon the length of the cone and add enough to include a handle.

Punch a hole on the top of the cone.

Thread the ribbon ends through the bottom of the cone and tie the end. Then feed the loop end through the hole on top of the cone.

Punch two more holes on the front side of the cone and thread a second piece of ribbon to tie a bow. That's it!

You can use these cone tosses for a variety of things at your wedding. Create it to hold confetti or petals for your guests to toss when you come down the aisle. Or use it at your reception to hold candy for your guests.

The beauty of this is that you can use whatever color paper and ribbon to create any number of different styles to match. In any case, this is a simple DIY project anyone can do to add a little personalization without breaking the bank!

Post by Lisa Fu
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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! Thanks!

Marilyn said...

Oh how fun! :)

May Luk Ceramics said...

So pretty. I can use this to display dry flowers on the wall.

Anonymous said...

These were so easy to make; my friends and I made a bunch for my wedding. We used some really pretty textured wallpaper for them and haven't done the ribbons yet, but they are great. Thanks for the awesome easy picture step by step instructions.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the easy to follow instructions. so much less expensive than buying.