April 10, 2009

Wardrobe Refashion: Stenciled T-Shirt

A friend of mine recently made this t-shirt for me. The shirt is upcycled from the thrift store (yay thrifting!). She cut a stencil out of cardboard, laid it on the shirt and sprayed bleach onto it. When she lifted up the stencil, it left this great design.

You can use the same technique with found items as your "stencils." Leaves work quite well.

I'm especially fond of the idea that revolution includes a lot of love.

Karen's Monsters


Lorina said...

I love that shirt!!! I wanted to tell you that at the meeting :)

Ikyoto said...

Cute shirt! My only tip is if you are making one yourself, would be to add vinegar to the washing step to neutralize the bleach. Clearly pH has been on my radar before. ;)