May 18, 2009

Give the Gift of Luxurious Zzzs

Silk pillow cases are a unique gift. Not only are they indulgent, but they literally aid your beauty sleep. They make you feel luxurious while preventing your hair from breaking and alleviating wrinkles. Here are some instructions to make a basic silk pillow case:

  • Sample pillow case
  • 1¼ yard silk/satin fabric- basic lining silks cost $6-$8 per yard, while the more ideal heavier satin silks cost $12-$14
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Tape measure

Making a Silk Pillow

Measure the sample pillow case by placing the tape measure seam to seam and adding a seam allowance of 5/8" to 1" to all edges. Silk will shrink in the wash, so it is better to measure out the body a little larger (you can eyeball this).

Cut out 2 pieces of the fabric to the chosen size. In laying out your pattern, consider that the selvage (the finished edge of the fabric) will become the opening side of the pillow case.

Now place the fabric with right sides together, pin, and stitch around 3 sides. The pillow opening side, which has the selvage, stays open.

Turn the pillow case right-side-out, iron, and it's done!

For a more feminine look, add a matching, contrasting, or coordinating frill to a simple pillow. Alternative Windows has instructions on adding frills to cushions.

For an additional flair, I included a store-bought pouch and stuffed it with fresh lavender. DIY Life has a more sophisticated lavender sachet recipe. Or you might add other lavender products that incorporate the R&R theme such as scented bath salts prepared according to Nordea's recipe. The NewNew spa products also help pamper the body and soul.

I made a silk pillow case for myself and found my husband clamoring for his own… leading me to believe this is also a great metro-sexual Father’s Day gift!



parallel-botany said...

I like this idea a lot! I've been neglecting my bedding and feel like going for something new.

What is the best way to wash silk bedding? Can it go in the machine, or does it need to be hand washed?

Talita /Fairywallah said...

silk is ideally hand washed but can also be machine washed cold or warm. washed mine and its fine. i do not put silk on a high dryer cycle. have also always machine washed my silk sleepwear such as pjs from target. ps. the machine does reduce life span. cheers:)

Rehana said...

Hey Talita. Liked your post. Going to 'try' making my own silk pillow. What material should I get for the inner lining?

Talita /Fairywallah said...

hi! rehana:
my answer to your query would be lining silk if you mean the underbelly of the pillow. if you are considering adding a lining to the entire pillowcase, i would suggest against that as i think it might defeat the purpose of reducing wrinkles, etc! lol!.
i created my first batch of pillow case using the cheapest silk fabric... so entire unlined pieces were made with lining silk quality fabric. i will be graduating onto the heavier silks soon:) good luck!