May 14, 2009

Images of Nature in Art and Craft

Ever since French cavemen were moved to represent a hunt on the walls of their abode, nature has been an inspiration to artists and artisans alike.

A careful look through some of my favorite {NewNew} shops on Etsy turned up more than a few examples of the enormous variety in how that inspiration can be transformed into reality.

Whether it's ikyoto's adorable take on a natural process, Citybitz's reflection of the beauty of nature in an urban setting, or Blue Stitch Books' delectable artichoke print, the {NewNew} is a veritable garden of earthly delights.

Left to right, starting from the top:

Salt and Paper's rose tree ring, Art by Iris' painting, Yours Truly xoxo's Dear Alanna table lamp, ikyoto's Evaporation T-shirt; Brighton Vase with Flowers by May Luk Ceramics, applique flower placemats by Cakehouse, Spring Blossom Wedding Invitations by Fubabee, Pink Peacock Monster Zippered Pouch by Karen's Monsters; Artichoke flat notecard by Blue Stitch Books, Brooklyn Compact by Citybitz, Yellow Iris Eye Pillow by Love Forever, Flora and Fauna necklace by Adornments NYC; Burrowing Owl Box Set by Molly Shoelace, Hand Etched sterling silver wing pendant by Lingua Nigra, Mixed Metal Etched Butterfly Necklace by Joanne Tracy Designs, and Floral Bird Mothers Day Card by Waisze Designs.

-MaryAnne LoVerme


Dalton said...

Since you are too humble to include your own work on the list, I would like to direct readers' attention to this lovely bracelet, which includes a very attractive photograph from Prospect Park.

MaryAnne LoVerme said...

it IS a lovely photograph!

May Luk Ceramics said...

Nature is free, luckily.

Simone said...

That's a very restful collection. Thank you.

molly shoelace said...

well, nature does come with allergies...sniff, sniffle.

May Luk Ceramics said...

Oh, Molly, I feel your pain. This week has been very bad.