May 4, 2009

Spring in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Although sakura matsui has just passed, it is not too late to head to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to revel in the cherry blossoms.

And if cherry blossoms aren't your particular nature thing, there are dozens of other springtime flowers and plants to satisfy all your springtime outdoor needs, including crabapple:



The garden is indeed a lovely place to spend a morning. Bring a book, or your knitting, or simply enjoy sitting and listening to the birds. The smell of the hyacinth will sustain you through the rest of your day.



loverlyp said...

so pretty! I need to get out there ASAP. bet the blossoms would brighten a grey day like this one. . .

Marty said...

I really need to make an effort to visit. Been here 7 years and haven't been yet!

panda with cookie said...

It is worth the trip. It will be gorgeous after the rain finally ends--the ground gets covered with the fallen petals.