September 15, 2009

Today Is Make a Hat Day!

Today is make a hat day! If you have any experience with knitting or crocheting, you can find many resources online for patterns, such as Knitting Central's extensive list seen here.

If you've always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet, but dont know where to begin, youtube is a great resource. Give it a try!

Want something unique for your new hat-making venture? Check out Etsy's supplies section for handspun yarn.

However, if it's all too much for you and you'd rather leave it to others, The NewNew team has some great options...
This brown and caramel beanie from Harlempurls with bow detail is perfect for your child's wardrobe.
Knitting Guru lovingly named this vintage chenille hat, Autumn in New York.And if any babies are in the picture (or coming into it!), NY Crochet has many great choices including custom baby hats.-Michelle / Dirty Loves Clean

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