October 29, 2009

Philadelphia's Magic Garden

Quick! What do CheeseSteaks, Rocky and Eagles Football all have in common?

They each call Philadelphia, PA "home".

Last month I agreed to watch my coworker's 3 year old son while he and his wife ran the Philly Distance Run, a Half Marathon. Although Philly is a mere 2 hour ride away from NYC, I don't manage to visit all that often. And so I jumped at the opportunity not just to help out a friend, but also to take in some of the flavors (cheasesteaks!) and sights of Philadelphia during that weekend.

Located in the Neighborhood of South Philly, The Philadelphia Magic Gardens is a real spectacle!

The grounds are a winding garden of a collage of broken plates, bottles, mirrors and tiles. Sparkling with every step of the winding paths, you will find mosaics at every turn, the floor, all around you.

Artist Isaiah Zagar began tiling South Street in the 1960's and in order to preserve his dedication to this massive project, a nonprofit organization was formed by artists and community members in order to promote it and keep it alive. On some weekends there are also live music performances.

I highly recommend a visit to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, you'll never look at a broken piece of glass or tile or bicycle spoke the same way again!

Washington Square West, 1022 South St., Philadelphia, PA 19176

by Lorina Pellach-Ladrillono of The Original Beadscarf


Jody said...

I love it! Like Barcelona, only with cheese steaks instead of paella.

Copyright Lorina Pellach-Ladrillono 2005-2013 said...

Yes! I know the park you are talking about, Gaudi's Park Guell! Good point!