December 27, 2009

Artistic Process: What inspires you?

Everyday objects.
Typography & letterforms.
Shadows & outlines that appear when I close my eyes.
I just want to make simple things but make them in my own way. Great
design at a fair price.
I can't sit still... I'm always designing something even if its not
feasible to make at the moment. (I have my heart set of large felt
rugs i just need to find a way to cut them)."


1 comment:

Jenna said...

I feel the same, about the moving and always drawing or designing something. I think once you dip into your artistic side, that part of your brain never stops moving. Quotes or lines from classic movies, or a good book..those tend to inspire me.

Sometimes things that are raw or haven't been altered...veggies at a farmers market, facial expressions by babies; I like the feeling I get when I see it because I just know.