February 27, 2010

Artistic Process: How did you learn the discipline you work in now?

Pulp Sushi
"I've been searching for my creative outlet since middle school. I'm drawn to creative people and keep myself surrounded by them. I tried my hand in a few different things before I fell into jewelry. I didn't want to do jewelry, I wanted to find my nitch in soaps and candles but the interest didn't stay. I opened my Etsy shop "just to see" if anyone noticed. I never anticipated having a business. I sold a few customized notebooks and marble magnets before I transitioned to jewelry. I am self taught with the help of books and online tutorials. The more ideas I get the more confidence I gain in my work and the more clearer my goals for my business become."

Pulp Sushi


KimmChi said...

my! What a cool necklace!

KnitKnit said...

yes, great statement piece!