June 10, 2010

Where to Find the {NewNew} June 12 + 13

Favorite things about summer: cherries, peaches, sandals, more daylight and so many opportunities to find goodies by the talented wenches and mensches of the {NewNew}!

Saturday June 12

The Brooklyn Indie Market presents Handmade Hearth and Home, a specially curated selection of everything to make your domicile more cozy, unique, and indielicious! Take home something fun and/or functional from AlleneLaSpina, BhekiPainting, Can'tAffordEmCrafts, LuCrafts, OfftheMat, MayLuk, McFlashpants, MShoelace, MyZoetrope, NewYorkClocks and PurtyBird.

When and where: Saturday 11:00 - 7:00 at the corner of Smith and Union Streets in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

See for yourself why Time Out New York is all over the {NewNew} at Governors Island.
When and where: Fridays 10:30 - 4:00, Saturdays and Sundays 10:30 - 6:00 at House 6B in Nolan Park, Governors Island. Click here for more info and directions.

The Brooklyn Flea not only has crafts and vintage but has earned a reputation for introducing a wide variety of delicious snacks, baked goods and gourmet food. Stop by the {NewNew} tents to see ApertureAgog, NordeaSoaperie, OonaghNaturals, IreneCStudio

When and where: Saturday 10:00 - 5:00 at 176 Lafayette Avenue between Clermiont and Vanderbilt.

On Saturday Lipeony, SansMap, EnchantraGirl and on Sunday ClaudiaGPearson and ApertureAgog will be in the {NewNew} tent at Hester Street.

When and where: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 6:00 at the intersection of Hester and Essex Streets.

Sunday June 13
With the advent of the Fulton Stall market, it's not your grandmother's South Street Seaport anymore. This week, the {NewNew} stall will feature AdornmentsNYC, Citybitz, EllisDesign, IreneCStudio and OverallBaby.

When and Where: Sunday 12:00 - 6:00 at the South Street Seaport between Fulton and Bleecker Streets.

And for our friends in Beantown, the {NewNew) returns to SOWA this Sunday! Join Yaniamor, LuCrafts, Elments4InspirdLivng, MuppetLoon, CantAffordEmCrafts, LoellaMedina, AltonWeekes, CajaJewelry, BonnieEnglish, TheHandofFatima, and NordeaSoaperie at this excellent venue. Go Sox! Or not.
When and where: Sunday 10:00 - 4:00 at 146 Harrison Avenue in Boston's historic Back Bay. Click here for more info and directions.

Until next time,

Enjoy your peaches and cherries. (Why does that sound dirty??)



Metalicious said...

I'll be at Gov's Island tomorrow. Whoo hoo!

Karina said...

Wow, a lot of stuff going on this weekend!