July 14, 2010

Go Tie Yourself in Knots!

Got some string? Got an empty 20 oz can? Go and make a sailor bracelet like this one as explained in this week's Etsy's How-Tuesday. Or even better, join Meli, Corey, and Jen on Governors Island this Saturday afternoon, July 17, in Nolan Park to learn how to make one of these beauties as part of Yelp's Summer Camp Saturdays.

Once you have mastered this knot, you should try it with other materials. The napkin ring in the center is made from a strip of fabric using a tablet container as the cylindrical piece to work the knot around. For more of a Sherwood Forest feel, try knotting the bracelet out of suede cord.

Happy knotting!



Karina Glaser said...

These are so cool!

PurtyBird said...

These remind me of Girl Scout camp -- a delight! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for the tips, it's so clear for me now :)