August 27, 2010

Late summer harvest-inspired NewNew

A trip to my local farmers market this morning inspired today's post. Or more specifically, tomatoes, corn, plums, peaches, eggplant, grapes, peaches and plums---the flavors and colors of the harvest---inspired the following selection of items by members of The {NewNew}, pictured here with their respective harvest inspirations.

White Dress with Large Collar
betterthanjam, $130

prismpop, $29.99

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and don't forget to support your local growers, artists and artisans!
Until next time --



KimmChi said...

what a clever selection!

LOLAFALK said...

This soooo puts me in the mood for a trip to the farmer's market. Great selection of fabulous NewNew Team items!

KIPI said...

Thank you so much for including my piece! I've made it an early morning Saturday ritual to go to my local farmer's market. What wonderful things can be found there.

Metalicious said...

GREAT article!!!

Karina said...