September 1, 2010

The Lazy One Says...

I live in Manhattan. Like many other snobby agoraphobic Lazy complacent Islanders, I prefer to stay on the Mainland, and often refuse to journey to remote places.... like Brooklyn or Queens. I am quite terrible about finding my own way around town unless I can tell my destination to a driver behind some plexiglass. I have even gotten disorientated on my own city block when a building removed its scaffolding while I was getting a pedicure.

So I am telling you people: If I can find my way to Governors Island, ANYONE can. It's quite simple really. From Manhattan you just get on the subway and get off at the last stop and go into the ferry building and board the free boat and you're there in 15 minutes. If you live elsewhere...well, that's why there is Google Maps. But I am sure it is still pretty easy and OH SO WORTH IT.

Especially THIS WEEKEND. Because The Treasure Chest, the wonderful pop up shop run by The {NewNew} is slated to close its doors on September 6th and is running a fantastic sale on all sorts of handmade goodies. Beautiful jewelry, amazing housewares, fabulous clothing, and other awesome items, will be 25% off!!

25% off of handmade items is the equivalent of 80% off some cheap junk at Walmart. It's THAT GOOD OF A DEAL. So if you are smart, you'll come to the island and do all your Holiday shopping and Give Handmade this year and spend all the money you saved on things like cabs and pedicures.

Come for the 25% off sale...if you see some green grass, beautiful views, decide to ride a bike or partake of something at the cafe, it's just icing on the cake. Historic Home 6b, Nolan Park. See You This Weekend!


LOLAFALK said...

Haha, I'm the Brooklyn equivalent of "the lazy one." If I didn't have to go to Manhattan for work then I'd never leave my beloved borough :).

Will try to make it out if I can! It's supposed to be gorgeous this weekend - and Governor's Island is amazing!

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Oh my! Where has the summer gone! I must try and get myself out there this weekend. I'm a Hobokenite so im always travelling across town, over bridges and under tunnels! :-) ALthough yes I do love my own block radius too. hehe

"Dream, Inspire, Create"

KimmChi said...

woot! Sale