October 14, 2010

Gift guide for him featuring the {NewNew} Etsy team

Why is it that men are always the hardest to shop for?  Let me make it easy for you with this down-n-dirty gift guide for gentlemen.

They all think they are anyway, go ahead and make his day.  $69 at AlexandraFerguson.

Throw him a bone.  Ring that is.  Sterling silver blackened to perfection. $80 at Ardent1.

Sleek and chic.  He won't even know how cool he is, this hat is so cool.  Denim fedora.  $52 at RocksandSalt.

He's the king of the world and it's happy hour.  Stainless Steel flask is $55 at Citybitz.

Speaking of happy hour, this Cerveza con Lima soap just might get him to take a shower!  Just $7 at NordeaSoaperie.

A cool TV attack t-shirt is just what he needs when he can't find the remote!  $25 at Kimmchi.

This tumbler will remind him to always carry your bag and hold the door even if he has a beer calling his name in the fridge.  And hey, he should get you one, too. 

Thanks for shopping handmade with the {NewNew} Etsy team!

Stephanie Maslow-Blackman


KimmChi said...

oh yay! Thanks for including me!

Simone said...

great selection

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my flask. Nice selection!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Thank you !!
Best wishes--Anne