November 1, 2010

Easy Peasy Top Down Stocking Cap

This cute cap is one of my favorites to make.  The red and white stripes create a sweet candy cane look but you can choose whatever colors you like.

Newborn to 12 months 
Finished circumference 17 in. (43 cm)
1 skein worsted weigh yarn in red
1 skein worsted weight yarn in white
US size 13 double pointed needles (set of 5)
US size 13 16” circular needle (optional)
Stitch marker
You’ll be using a double strand of yarn for this project. 
Stitch Pattern:
RIGHT LIFTED INCREASE (RLI): Lift first leg of stitch below the next stitch onto needle and knit this stitch.

1)    Using 2 of the double pointed needles CAST ON 4 stitches in RED (remember to use 2 strands of yarn together)
2)    SLIDE stitches to opposite side of needle. The yarn should be coming out of the left stitch.   Pull the yarn from behind. *K4. Slide stitches across needle. Repeat from * 2 more times.

3)    DIVIDE stitches evenly on 4 double pointed needles (1 stitch on each needle)
4)    RLI, place marker, k1; RLI, K1; RLI, K1; RLI, K1 (8 st)
5)    WITH WHITE yarn; k 3 rounds even (no increase)
6)    RLI,  k2; RLI, K2; RLI, K2; RLI, K2 (12 st)
7)    WITH RED k 3 rounds even
8)    RLI,  k3; RLI, K3; RLI, K3; RLI, K3 (16 st)
9)    WITH WHITE yarn; k 3 rounds even
10) RLI,  k4; RLI, K4; RLI, K4; RLI, K24 (20 st)
11) WITH RED k 3 rounds even
12) RLI,  k5; RLI, K5; RLI, K5; RLI, K5 (24 st)
13) WITH WHITE yarn; k 3 rounds even
14) RLI,  k6; RLI, K6; RLI, K6; RLI, K6 (28 st)
15) WITH RED k 3 rounds even
16) RLI, k7; RLI, K7; RLI, K7; RLI, K7 (32 st)
17) WITH WHITE yarn; k 3 rounds even
18) RLI,  k9; RLI, K8; RLI, K8; RLI, K8 (36 st)
19) WITH RED k 4 rounds even
20) WITH WHITE k 4 rounds even
21) WITH RED k 4 rounds even
22) WITH WHITE k 4 rounds even
23) WITH RED k 1 round even
24) WITH RED work 4 rounds k1 p1 rib
25) Bind off loosely in pattern and weave in loose ends

(To make this hat to fit larger just simply repeat the increase rounds one or two more times. That's the great thing about top down knitting you can just increase and measure as you go! No swatching necessary)


Simone said...

What a fantastic, detailed tutorial. Thanks so much said...

That's the perfect hat for this time of year! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.