November 11, 2010

Favorite Tools

So, I have this tool. It's called a Microspatula. It's about 7.75 inches long, .25" wide and has one pointed end and one rounded end. I can't live without it.

It wasn't until yesterday that I knew what it was called or what it's supposed to be used for, when I finally found it in the DickBlick catalog with the bookbinding materials. Not that it's mattered in any practical sense. I figured it out. I use it to smooth the bumps out of paper-mache and paperclay, to spread varnish out to the very edges of scrabble-tile pendants and glass-tile magnets; to get the bubbles out of said varnish; to loosen, tighten, and complete the blanket-stitching of plush monsters and owls; and to spoon-out and mix small amounts of paint. I even used it to help get CD's out of my old computer.

So, clearly, I absolutely cannot live without this tool. It once went missing for a few days and I was completely hobbled. I was working with paper-mache at the time and I tried every conceivable substitute to no avail. Butter knives were too wide, popsicle sticks were too thick and too wide, spoons were the wrong shape, and toothpicks and bamboo skewers were too rough and/or pointy. There really is nothing like my beloved microspatula. I can't conceive of a crafting life without it (in case that wasn't clear by now).

I've asked around a bit and perhaps not surprisingly, I'm not alone in my love for/dependency on a particular tool. For example, Courtney of WebbedWare cherishes her metric ruler. Simone of Groundsel favors her rotary cutter. Holly of EllisDesigns goes bananas if you fool with her fabric shears. Martin of AdornmentsNYC recently began making passionate use of fire. I could go on---and I will in future posts. So stay tuned to discover the geeky, technical side of crafting!

And be sure to see all of the wonderful items these tools helped make, and more, at the NewNew's upcoming Holiday Handmade Cavalcade on December 5!

Until next time --



Holly said...

Ha! Banannas is an understatement.

Simone said...

I love this. I feel like I need a microspatula now. I could heat it and iron out tiny folds in little corners :)

Metalicious said...

Such a cool tool, I almost feel like I need one myself!!

PurtyBird said...

Simone and Metalicious, you absolutely *do* need this tool!