January 28, 2011

Get By With A Little Help

"It is not so much our friends' help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us." ~ Epicurus, Greek philosopher

Friendship Pack Mini Bean Bag Dolls, from HoneyPieTree

Winter in the tri-state area so far has been cold, damp, and seemingly determined to last for quite some time. Whenever I find myself cussing at the dark that descends way too early, my first instinct is to reach out to a friend and make a little bright spot in the evening. Whether its drinks, dinner, a movie, or crafting in companionable silence, we all find ways to remain connected and to draw on the support our connections provide.

Making New Friends, from Malathip

The {NewNew} is a vibrant collective of cross-discipline handmade artists devoted to supporting one another in developing our creative and business potential within the New York tri-state area. We share the tremendous resources New York City has to offer, mentor new craft business owners, and seek out new marketplace and business opportunities for our highly eclectic membership.

The aspect of the {NewNew} team I most enjoy however is the sense of community. I know if I'm struggling with how to take better pictures for my Etsy shop, need a table at the last minute for a street fair, or simply want words of encouragement for a new venture, someone in the group will have an idea or even a possible solution.

Secret Handshakes print, from My Zoetrope

Lets Be Friends recycled felt pillow, from Alexandra Ferguson

As a team, we work well together to make events like our Spring Handmade Cavalcade and our Governor's Island Handmade Treasure Chest pop-up shop -- both happening again this year -- great places to shop for truly unique handmade goods. I like to think the care we take in supporting each other is reflective of the care each of us takes in crafting our items.

Finmore and Finley, from McFlashPants

Perhaps that's why shopping with the {NewNew} on Etsy sometimes feels like hanging out with an old friend. It's familiar, but you still don't know what they might say to surprise you.

I Ate Paste Blue Print, from LennyMud

Click here to spend a little time with some friends from the {NewNew} on Etsy.

Sue De
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Stephanie Monroe said...

Although I'm still pretty new to The NewNew and still haven't gotten the chance to meet everyone yet, I must say, that the people that I have met are wonderful artists and very friendly to say the least.

If you haven't had a chance to visit some of their shops, why not start today. Being a part of The NewNew is like being a part of a lasting friendship. You're sure to find something that will fill a special place in your heart.

KimmChi Silkscreened Apparel said...

great pics, i lov 'em and i love discovering new things!

Karina said...

Such a fun collection!

Lu said...

This is an awesome post and I LOVE the items you chose.