February 23, 2011

The Newest {NewNew}ers

As of course you all know, the {NewNew} is a vibrant, growing community of NYC-based etsy artisans and crafters. People join the {NewNew} for many reasons: to learn how to grow their crafts businesses; to get support from others in the world of the indie artist, which can be daunting what with the inconsistent payday and lack of health insurance; and for the social aspect. The {NewNew} opens up to new members in July and February and I wanted to use this post to introduce you to some of our new members, who have been on the team between 6-12 months.

Aren't they just adorable at that age?

Speaking of adorable, if AmigurumiKingdom's cupcake bear earrings were any cuter, I think I'd explode!
Another contender in the extremely cute category is the friendly New York-lovin' cockroach by BuggedOut. Did you ever think you'd hear "cute" and "cockroach" in the same sentence? Unless it was something like, "Look, I just stepped on a cockroach in my cute boots."
The casual elegance of this folded vase by RomiCeramics will complement roses, wildflowers and everything in between:
DebiCoupage combines paint and paper to make classically modern (yeah, I said that) beautiful pieces, such as this mirror:
Lynliao3 created this charming and useful tote with Japanese fabric:
What kid wouldn't be thrilled to get a superhero hat by ProjectsbyCarm (psst, she also makes adult sizes):
Add ImageLeave it luckx4 to FINALLY put the black widow and the man with a bee beard where we all know they belong: together!
And to come full circle back to intense cuteness, AmiTownCreatures' cotton candy owl certainly fits the bill!
Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting some of our {New} members as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you!

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Seth said...

Great post. As a very new member myself, I really enjoyed seeing what some of the other members are creating. Thanks!

Projectbycarm said...

Thanks for sharing my superhero mask...Great team and lots of fun new things!