April 8, 2011

West Elm Pop-Up: A Collision of Good Design

Today's post is from guest blogger Aimee, from KnockKnock Studio. Aimee recently participated in West Elm's Pop Up Handmade event in New York and fills us in on all the fun.  Check out Aimee's shop on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/knockknockstudio (ed.)

In acknowledgment of the growing  handmade and  ‘buy local’ trend, West Elm is hosting a series of Pop Up Events in cities all across the US in order to show their love of.  They are a fantastic way for West Elm to connect with local communities and designers and reach a broader shopping audience.  The NYC event was last Thrusday, March 31st at their flagship store on 62nd and Broadway. 
Remodelista (a super fun design blog!) curated a group of 18 local Etsy shop owners selling everything from home décor and jewelry to art and crafts.  The showcase became a festive marketplace for the 3 hour Pop Up Event.  West Elm provided the venue, furniture, and props for the sellers (and food, drink and a DJ for everyone) creating lively evening for everyone in attendance. 
I was excited and honored to participate.  Since I like West Elm’s aesthetic, I thought it would be an excellent way to get exposure to a whole new clientele – which it was. 

The mood was upbeat and fun, it really felt like a party!  Even though the store is large, it was packed.  There was a live DJ, free flowing prosecco, delicious deserts, and tons of excited shoppers.  I have never been so overwhelmed at a show, in a good way ;) I got lots of great feedback about my studio and it was so great to personally meet the folks from Etsy, Remodelista, and West Elm.
I have noticed a trend that many larger shops around the city are scaling down from big box stores – trying to create a more intimate boutique feeling.  West Elm and Remodelista did an excellent job merging the two – many shoppers admitted they didn’t know where West Elm ended and the handmade began. 
Everyone was having a great time.  Having three big names promoting the event meant people from all over the social spectrum attended.

What a fun event!  I hope there are more in the works!
Aimee / KnockKnockStudio


LOLAFALK said...

So cool! I wish I could have attended. Congrats to you Aimee and all the other NewNew-ers who were invited to participate!

PurtyBird said...

Ditto, LOLAFALK! And what a great idea!

Jenny said...

It was such a great event! I stopped in and hung out with Claudia Pearson for a while. All the work was fantastic, and the free snacks and drinks were delicious.

Jennifer Quinn said...

Awesome. Hope more events like this "pop up" =)

Kelly/Aperture Agog said...

So awesome and I'm sad I missed it. Congrats to the NewNew-ers that were there.