July 22, 2011

Beat the Heat with Early Christmas Shopping Deals

So here's my Christmas shopping list to take advantage of the {NewNew}'s Christmas in July sale (coupon code CIJ11) which ends on Sunday:

For my husband:

Bus Ticket Cuff Links by Aminiytray

For my kid:

Tooth Fairy Pillow by FeltIt

For my mother:

Simplicity Collection by KeyElement

For my dad:

Two Year Planner by PriaVanda

For my brother:

Marathon Medal Display by PrettyLovelyPainting

For my sister-in-law:

Graphic Tee by Kimmchi

My shopping is done! How about your's?



KimmChi said...

I don't think anything can beat this heat!! OMG, but great selections. That tooth pillow may come in handy as a gift, when do kids start losing their teeth? It's so cute!

Simone said...

Anytime between early kindergarten and first grade. There's been incredible inflation in tooth fairy land though.

Karina said...

I'm only going to be dishing out one quarter per tooth for my kids. Really, it's highway robbery.