July 7, 2011

Deep Sea Diving

On these sunny, sweltering days of summer, sometimes you just want to jump into the nearest pool, lake, or ocean to cool off.  These deep sea {NewNew} finds definitely put me into the mood to take a trip (nearby or far) and find an underwater adventure.
Giant Squid Copper Necklace
J Topolski
Octopus Plushie-Limited Edition
My Zoetrope
Octopus's Garden Bracelet
Owliday Inn
Humpback Whales Card
Little Bunny
Men's Ocean Blue Octopus T-Shirt
Jess Witaj


PurtyBird said...

Cool selections indeed!

Lu said...

Love all these creatures! JTopolski's squid is amazing and you can see it up close and personal at the pop up shop in Governors Island (unless some lucky person snatched it up already)!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Somewhere around here I have a brass kraken like the one that was made into a bracelet. I'd picked it up to incorporate into a beach bag, which never got crocheted. It had completely slipped my mind, as I haven't seen it in a couple years.

I'm totally reinspired! Now I can spend the next few days looking for it, until it slips my mind again. Sigh.