April 4, 2012

Neons and You

Neon pink has become my new fave color this season.  I still have my pasty white winter skin so I do need to be careful of what pink shade I choose. However as I designer I can also incorporate it into my life in other ways.  Do you love one of the neon colors and really want to use it but don't know how? 


The Fluoro by the Cambridge Satchel Co. love this, you can emboss
your initials.

Cute neon striped tote on etsy by JoynerAvenue
Neon pink polish, cruelty free and kid friendly.
by Piggy Paint


Neon Chandalier Prints by Tess on Etsy
easy to add and remove to a living room, dining room
bathroom. You choose!

From Profound 

Love this neon door. I can see this on my new home in Brooklyn. Will my husband go for it?
Ok so you don't need to go all crazy with the neon but just adding a touch of it to your home will change the room. After a dreary winter everything can use a little brightening up.


My newest sewing supply, neon thread by Mettler. This is 100% poly.

Neon Burberry at Windy City Fabrics

There is something neon for everyone. It doesn't have to be a bad 80's flashback.

From recycled-fashion.com




Nnenna said...

I'm loving the neon trend! I would definitely wear neon on my nails, or sport one of those cute neon satchels that everyone seems to have! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the neon colors!

Giovanna said...

Fun picks! Love the chandelier prints!


Metalicious said...

Awesome picks, I love the 80s flashback!!

Aneta Hayne said...

Great finds :) Yes, I do love splashes of the brightness :) Great way to wake up to spring ! And I feel like 80s flashback is going to happen in my house any moment, my kids getting geared up in neon these days :)

HeartFelt 4 Kids said...

Absolutely love the neon!! Thanks for the post!!

Stacy @ Fritz + Fräulein said...

Love this! I saw someone sporting the green version of The Fluoro bag yesterday in the city. Really an awesome statement piece. I'm off to stock up on self-tanner! ; )