May 23, 2012

Unexpected color. Summer Sultry Sassy

Walking thru the streets of New York City is always inspirational.  In my opinion we have the best window displays.  The other day I saw a window at Kate Spade that totally caught my eye. A beautiful magenta, luxurious shade of purple dress. Personally, I am not a magenta, royal purple kind of gal  but this color made me stop. Maybe it's also the combination of the purple with the orange, red and brown. It got me thinking, this is a great color to wear for summer. Normally you see this color around Christmas and the holiday season in satins, silks and velvets. So I did a little virtual designing.

This fabric

Magenta linen from global weave from

Now that I found fabric in magenta I need a pattern. This is how I work. Fabric draws me in. I picked up the Built By Wendy Dresses book. There are quite a few patterns in the running: GI Jane, Two Tone Tunic, Parachute Dress or Shooting Star. You choose. You my readers, fellow artists, designers, crafters etc....  Which one should I attack?
I will be posting my thoughts and progress of the dress making process so be gentle on your selection. 

My disclaimer is that by trade I am a menswear designer and I do teach sewing but I am by no means a dress maker.

 In the meantime how about some more magenta?

Anne Davis on etsy

Belt J.Crew

The Kerrigan Dress at Kate Spade. Adorable with a drapey, poofy skirt and belted waist, split neck line but slightly out of my price range. I can look. :)
Or make one just like it. 
Don't forget to vote on which dress I should make!



Kimberli's Kitchen said...

My choice - two-tone dress ( what color will tone 2 be?)

Diana Stanley said...

I vote for the two tone dress. I like the tie waist and it looks a really flattering shape.

Robin T said...

Wow! I vote for the two tone dress as well, and I decided before I saw the other votes. Love the idea of the purple and orange, very chic.

Aneta Hayne said...

That is so cool that you are teaching sewing :) I'm hoping to run sewing workshop for girls 8-10 at my house this summer :). I will definitely check out your blog! And I vote for two-tone dress, but I must say I think shooting star will look good in this color as well :)

La Muse Kalliope said...

I vote for dress #3. Multi-colors, perhaps. A different color for the collar, the dress and another one for the pockets. Or, two colors. I would do only the bottom two pockets or no pockets at all. Sounds like a fun project. Good luck Tracey!

Angela Colombo said...

Two tone, shooting star or magenta GI Jane :) love the colors you chose!