July 31, 2012

Sewing Supply Shops in NYC

New York City can be overwhelming in many ways. We have so much here and sometimes finding a simple sewing trim I just wish there was a Jo-Ann's to go to.  Yes I confess, I wish I had a car and can just hop in and drive to the Jo-Ann's.  However then I would probably be living in a boring suburb.  As a sewing instructor I am asked where to shop for fabrics and supplies. I have lived in NYC since 2001 and definitely have my go to's.  So if you are a designer, sewer, or any other similar crafter here are some stores to check out.  And if I am missing one of your faves please let me know!

Starting on the Upper West Side:
Michaels 808 Columbus Ave cross is 100th 

Knitty City - small and cute yarn shop, people are always nice and helpful.
208 West 79th Street  New York, NY 10024 (212) 787-5896

Obviously the concentration of stores are in mid-town, the garment district.
B and J 525 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018, 2nd Floor

ROSEN and CHADICK 40th and 7th 2nd floor

Fabrics For Less 239 W 39th

A.K. Corp 257 W 39th - good selection of Alexander Henry fabrics

Notions and Trims  (zippers, ribbon, bias tape, thread, bobbins, pattern paper)

Panda 247 W 38th St

Sil Thread 257 W 38th St

Daytona Trims 251 W 39th

Vardman Inc. 269 W 39th

Steinlauf and Stoller 239 West 39th Street- awesome shop! and will grommet things for you

Pacific Trim 218 W 38 St
Joyce Trimming 109 W 38th

Across the street from Joyce a new shop B and Q Trims

Leaving the garment district

City Quilter 133 W 25th

Purl Soho 459 Broome Street - gorgeous lux yarns and lots of fabrics to choose from, a good selection of unique and fun Japanese prints


Fiber Notion- Park Slope  84 Union St cross is  7th

Brooklyn General - Carroll Gardens 128 Union St  11231

I hope you find this list useful and if you have any shops that you think are missing please comment!

Happy Stitching!



Nettie said...

Brooklyn Yarn Cafe has fabric and notions. It saved my sewing life when Lester's, another small but not nearly as trendy supplier, was closed for vacation.


VH McKenzie said...

Don't forget Mood -- the Project Runway fabric store of choice!


225 West 37th Street #3
New York, NY 10018
(212) 730-5003

I hear you on the yearning for a Jo Ann's -- I've lived in the city since '87 and have watched the local fabric stores disappear, one by one.

Simone said...

Bookmarking this. This is a great list

traceytoole said...

I purposely left Mood off the list. I feel that they don't give the best advice and don't always have the knowledge. I have many students that come with the wrong supplies because of Mood's advice. Also the prices are a bit too high for what the product is.
I will need to check out Brooklyn Yarn, thanks!