December 13, 2012

12 Days of Etsy Christmas

I always thought the Twelve Days of Christmas were the twelve that lead up to Christmas Day; all those pipers pipping. Not. The Twelve Days are the festive days beginning on December 25th. They end 12 days later.

Also known as Christmastide, or Twelvetide (really, who calls it that, elves living in a hollow tree?) it ends on January 5th, the day before the Epiphany, which is always on January 6th. In some cases, gifts are given on Christmas Day, but in other traditions, one gift a day is given. Here is an Etsy Twelve Days of Christmas for each of the 12 nights, beginning December 25th!

MacBook Air 11" cover, $105
from Fritz and Fraulein
Vintage Redesign.

Twinnings Englsih Breakfast Tea Tin Clock, $18
from New York Clocks.

Handmade Going Bananas Body Bar Soap
(with real banana) $7, by
Nordea Soaperie.

Unique Lucite Necklace with Oxidized Silver $29
from Wish by Felicity.

Owl on bright pink tissue cozy, $5
from Felt It.

Red Hooded Handprinted Sleeveless Dress, $140,
from Better Than Jam.
Chevron ring, $50 from Virginie Millefiori.
Frida Kahlo light switch cover, $12
from Lu Crafts.
Liquor gift bags from K. Batty Design & Stationary Shop.

Unicorn horn hair clip, $22 from Brooklyn Owl. 

Celtic Triangle Knotwork Bookmark at
beinthemoment, $40.

Labour of Love necklace from
AdornmentsNYC $32.

Happy Holidays from Wink&Flip!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Wink&Flip for teaching me and for giving me great gift ideas! I love being included in the 12 days of Christmas!
Annie of Brooklyn Owl