July 23, 2013

Strawbales in Brooklyn?

This summer I spent quite a bit of time with my victory garden on my 6x12 paved over "yard." In April I decided to go out to Staten Island in and stop at Crazy Goat Feeds to pick up a couple of straw bales.

Initially they looked innocent enough as I fed and watered them, but once the tomatoes went in things went a little bonkers. . .
Straw Bales at the end of April.
Can you see the two little tomato plants?
Getting ready . . .
Establishing themselves nicely in May.
. . . to become the scary tomato plant invader!
 And this is what I pulled out of the backyard yesterday:

The pumpkins are getting ready to move in once the tomatoes are done.

You can find out more about straw bale gardening from these sources:
Happy planting



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Simone, this blog entry is the essence of summer. I could read it all day long! Susan/Wink and Flip