May 6, 2014

HEALTH & BEAUTY: The Beauty of Moms

Rebecca /
Did you watch the YouTube video titled the "World's Toughest Job"? If not, prepare for a spoiler alert.

The video is about Moms. It's about all the wonderful things Mom's do for us. Things they do day after day. Unconditionally and selflessly. It's about the beauty of Moms. And, it went viral. 

With all the things that our Moms do for us and with Mother's Day just around the corner, we wanted to know how to recognize and reward them for their hard work. So, we reached out to some experts...Moms! And, this is what they said...

Yana /
Overall, gift cards topped the list. This surprised us since gift cards may seem a bit impersonal. Yet, it means that Moms can use the gift cards to purchase whatever they would like or need. So, the Moms we surveyed say gift cards rule! 

Assorted gift packages or a day at the spa are greatly appreciated. And, kitchen appliances ranked high on the list. Who knew?! We certainly didn't, but we agree. Who wouldn't love a blender, food processor, mixer, or any gadget that makes life easier!

While the majority of Moms said that they enjoy both handmade and store-bought gifts, their favorite and most memorable gifts were those that were handmade. They cherish the handcrafted cards, flowers, and accessories that their kids make especially for them.

We hope that you have the chance to thank your Mom in as many ways as you can and as often as you can. We wish you a wonderful time celebrating the beauty of your Mom!

Jill hiking with her family

How will you celebrate Mom this coming Mother's Day? 

YouTube Video: "World's Toughest Job" 

~ Susan

* Photos courtesy of Rebecca Hudek, Yana Rodin, and Jill Morris. 
** Our survey does not represent the opinions of all the awesome Moms out there :).


Rozy Lass said...

The best, most thoughtful gift I ever received was my very own copy machine. I was homeschooling our five children and making copies was an time-consuming, exhausting excursion; getting my own machine to have at home was better than getting a diamond ring. I don't think the size of the gift matters, but thoughtfulness and recognized needs and wants does.

Unknown said...

That's awesome, Rozy! That is a wonderfully thoughtful gift since the copy machine met your needs and made things easier! And, kudos to you for being an amazing Mom!