April 10, 2008

Inchies: Recycling scrap fabric

Ever wonder what to do with those small fabric scraps of larger projects? Here is a ‘small’ fun project in which you can reuse those pieces. The idea of ‘Inchies’ is fairly new and in this tutorial I will show you how to create jewelry from these small treasures. As I show you the basics we will complete a simple reversible Inchie pendant.

Scraps of fabrics - ditsy prints work better but larger prints can be very abstract too. Since this is a reversible pendant choose a face and reverse side fabric. You will also need a stabilizer fabric of same weight, usually cotton.
Timtex ® – thick and light interfacing
Metallic thread – silver, gold, or bronze
Metallic sewing machine needle – Teflon coated, will allow thread to sew smooth
Scissors or rotary cutter
Sewers Awl
1/4” cut jump ring to match the metallic thread – size 18 gauge (note you will need jewelers pliers to open and close ring)
Other metal findings to coordinate with fabrics or small beads, stones, etc.

Choose Composition
1-On cardstock draw a 1” square and cut out, leaving a 1” frame around the 'window’.
2-Use this ‘window’ to choose your composition within the print.
3-With a pencil, on the face fabric mark lightly around the square. This is your sewing guideline.

Let’s Sew!!
4-Prepare the bobbin and change the needle accordingly. Since this is a reversible pendant you can experiment with a different color bobbin to match the reverse side fabric
5-Place your face fabric on top and stabilizer fabric underneath.
6-Using a straight stitch, sew through both fabrics once around the square. Keep the stitches medium to small.
7-Place the face fabrics on top of a Timtex® strip. Place the reverse fabric, right side down, underneath. Use enough Timtex ® to hold Inchie around machine.
8-With a tight short zig-zag stitch, sew around the inchie. Zig-zag stitch should be centered on top of the original straight stitch. Keep corners neat, do not overlap sewing.
9-Remove from sewing machine and cut along side the outer zig-zag.
10-With the sewing awl make a hole at the top center of the Inchie. Push the awl far enough to make a hole the size of the jump ring.

Personal Touch
You now have the basic Inchie, now it’s time to decorate. Open jump ring and loop through opening made, add all other decorative findings, and close the jump ring. Loop the hanging material of your choice, in this project I used Black Silk cord. Other chain ideas are metal links or ribbon. Experiment with different shapes, media, and print compositions. As you can see the beauty is in the harmony of the colors, print, and findings used.


brooklynsoul said...

Those are really cute. Lord knows I have a ton of scraps I just can't bear to throw away!

Nora said...

How cute! And what a great way to use scraps. Thanks for sharing!

Joanne said...

Great idea!

Mark Wilson said...

This is a nice awesome post given here. Thanks for sharing these.