August 12, 2008

Top 5 reasons to Craft with Kids: #s 2.1-2.3

Next up in our Top 5 reasons to Craft with Kids, Danielle of Collective Elements had three bits of wisdom to add to the discussion:

1. My daughter's artist talent is already asserting itself at age six like mine did. But unlike 35 year old me, she has fewer boundaries. It's not about what looks good, its about what she likes. She teaches me to let go when creating.
2. Some crafts are for fun and then some I use as vehicles to explain
things to her. Like making the solar system out of construction paper
or counting out items needed for projects. Math and science figure in
heavily when we have to measure things for painting and soap making.
Crocheting and card making improve hand/eye coordination.
3. Being a single mom with a full-time job and a part time business, it can
be hard to have mother/daughter time. So crafting is bonding time
between us. Since we both love art, we get to have fun and laugh and


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