March 19, 2009

So you want a Custom Wedding Gift?

Let's be honest - no one is going to complain about receiving a monetary wedding gift. Neither will they jump up and down, squeeze you and scream, "It's perfect!"

To get the reaction you are looking for, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

Bridal Shower Suggestions:
I like to choose something off of (t)he(i)r registry and give it a touch of fun.
  • Towels: Select any 2 towels from the list, grab a needle and colorful thread & embroider! I think monogrammed letters looks best on hand towels vs. His and Hers on Body Towels. Honestly, if you don't do a stellar job - it's fuzzy - this is a great project that doesn't require perfection [or you can always have a machine do it]

  • The Box: If crafting is not your strong suit, sometimes it's all about packaging. Chose small kitchen gadgets that would make a particular food you love, include a recipe and maybe some ingredients & voila! [in full disclosure, I once wrapped a pizza slicer, garlic press, and wooden spoon in red tissue paper, placed in a pizza box from the local pizzeria and delivered with some extra ribbon. Yes the items were inexpensive but presentation counts for something!]

Wedding Gift Ideas:
If you are willing to show up empty handed, there are several great options for post-party presents.
  • Music: Note a meaningful song from the wedding [1st dance, walking down the aisle] and then scour e-bay or local music shops for relevant artwork. For example, my husband and I danced to 'You're My Best Friend' by Queen; two months after the wedding our friends presented us with a professionally framed Rolling Stone magazine advertisement - highlighting the single. It was so touching & such a great piece of art! They found it a local flea market & had it matted and framed so beautifully, we were truly touched!

  • Donation: Often times knowing the couple and what is important to them - you can plant a tree in their honor or make a contribution where it will have great impact.

Lets Talk Goods:
Alright, the above ideas are just dandy but you are looking for something else
Below are 3 ideas that scream personalized!
If the couple will now be sharing the same last name - this is a wonderful home accessory made of recycled newspaper (could even be newspaper from the day of the wedding or engagement!) thoughtfully created by copabananas.

beacon bookmarks has every letter available stamped on natural wood. assemble this with other single letter items + you are set.
Lastly - as personal as you can really get with a wedding gift - the couple's faces! brought to you by prismPOP.

I hope that some of these ideas sparked inspiration within you - go with your gut - custom is always special when it's from the heart [awwww].

And finally, if you are choosing an ETSY product - be sure to allow time for the artisan to create this one-of-a-kind option :)

Best of Luck!

- lisa


Karina Glaser said...

Great suggestions! I love the pizza box idea... really sweet.

Mo Pho said...

These are such great ideas! I love the pizza box idea as well - Anyone would love opening that up!