August 9, 2011

Running For a Cause

I must admit that when it comes to exercise, I'm a lazy bum.

But after doing the Ahkun 's sale a couple of weeks ago with {NewNew} member Lolafalk and a few other fair-trade organizations, I felt there's so much we can do to help other artisans, here and beyond.

That's why I decided to join the Run4Kiva Kiva's marathon, Sunday 8/14 @10AM. (Ok. I also wanted to get back into shape and summer is quickly flying away.) The enrollment fee goes to Kiva and it'll be used as loans to artisans and small biz owners worldwide. Borrowers eventually pay off their debt but the loans get them started.

Now, don't worry. No need to put on your running shoes. I'll do the legwork!

But maybe, this gets you thinking how you can contribute with your work or skills. Perhaps you can donate a small percentage of your sales—to Kiva or any other organization you love. Or mentor someone.

So, will you run with me?

Elena / SimplyNu

P.S.: If, after all, you decide to "run" this marathon, do let me know. We can contribute as a the NewNew team. And, wouldn't that be cool?

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