November 10, 2011

Handmade Cavalcade Gift Guide for Teens

Teens - I have two I have to buy for and crimminy it is hard.  I suppose I could send them a check or iTunes gift card and call it a day, but that's what everyone else does.  I'm crazy Aunt Holly, I'm suppose to send awesome gifts.  That was much easier when they were little bitties (look for that gift guide on December 2nd).

I have gathered a small collection of gifts you might find just right for your own hard to buy for teen.  All of the featured products are from members of The {NewNew} who will be participating in this years Holiday Handmade Cavalcade.

I found this unique knit power cord at KnitKnit.

Be In The Moment has these terrific pendants

The Ninth Avenue Necklace by Wish by Felicity

Find this fabulous florescent pink wishbone necklace at Knock Knock Studio

Grounsel has a great recycled tie iPhone case.  It was featured in TONY!

So those are just a few suggestions. There will be plenty more at the Cavalcade on December 3rd.  You can find all the info right here.

Happy Shopping
Holly / EllisDesign


Simone said...

I love those necklaces by Melissa of Be In The Moment. They'd be perfect for a certain 10 year old I know.

MelKel said...

Love these gift ideas! That fluorescent pink wishbone is the bomb!

Metalicious said...

Fantastic gift guide for teens! Thanks Holly!