December 12, 2012


  "...and when they approached the little house they saw that it was built of bread
 and covered with cakes, but that the windows were of clear sugar. 'We will set
 to work on that,' said Hansel, 'and have a good meal. I will eat a bit of the roof,
 and you Gretel, can eat some of the window, it will taste sweet.' Hansel reached
 up above, and broke off a little of the roof to try how it tasted, and Gretel leant
 against the window and nibbled at the panes. Then a soft voice cried from the
 parlor: 'Nibble, nibble, gnaw, who is nibbling at my little house?'"   
                                                                                From Grimm's Fairy Tales

Above is my little crafter's first gingerbread house, decorated all herself. I wanted in on it but, alas, she said no. I mixed the royal icing for her, and walked away. After a bit, I came back and shuffled some things around the tabletop, moved a paper towel in vague cleaning motions along the counter beside her, nonchalantly watching her with her lips all scrunched up, eyes narrowed and her shoulders hunched in concentration, very deliberately placing each piece. It was then I knew: she's been bitten by the bug, like the rest of us. A crafter had emerged.

God help her.

"I learned it from you, Mom, I learned it from you!"

Start the small storage organization research now, my child. Don't be like Mom. Manage your supplies!

I love gingerbread. There is something so warm and soft and reassuring about it, especially if you don't come upon it while lost in a German forest. Run, run, as fast as you can, right? On that note, I found some great, fairytale-cannibal-witch-free gingerbread house creations by our fellow Etsyians (Etsyites?), and just had to share. Check it out:

The most darling necklace from Aqsa
All natural soy candle from BluehavenCandleCo
Perfect little holiday cards from KitchenFairies
  Never stale faux gingerbread Empire State Bldg house from janiechampagnie

So, no matter what kind of holiday fairytale you find yourself in this year, no matter what you celebrate, good old gingerbread will always be there by your side, the perfect warm, spicy gift to yourself and others. Ginger is known for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Things are pretty hectic around here and I suspect it's the same for all of you. Take a minute to reflect and relax if you can. 
And most of all, may all of your holidays this season be merry and bright, and may you and all of your kith and kin, given and found, have a safe and happy season. Including all the poor stepmothers out there who get a bad rap from the brothers Grimm. You gals ain't all bad! :)

Take care, everyone.




Unknown said...

Thank you, yes not all step moms are bad. And I love the gingerbread house!!
PlayPrettyWears on Etsy

Simone said...

What a great little intro. :)