March 19, 2008

Coming up this week....

Thursday the 20th is the first day of spring!!!!
(the spring flowered pouch pictured is from oktak)
--If you're looking for activities to do with kids, on Saturday the 22nd there will be a spring-themed make-your-own-bookcover workshop run by the NYC Parks Department. It's free and takes place in Central Park.
--Macy's flower show is going on this week. If you've never been, the main floor of the 34th Street Macy's is fully decorated with flowers... no need to shop, it's just fun to get a taste of spring.
--Make Workshop on the Lower East Side is holding a class on Saturday where you'll learn to make a leather clutch, including the basics of working with leather using a regular sewing machine. On Tuesday the 25th you can learn to sew a pillow.
--On Saturday evening March 22nd 3rd Ward in Brooklyn is holding a discussion panel on women in art photography, focusing on what it's like to be an emerging NYC photographer and the influence of gender on art photography.
--The Art Director's Club Paper Expo is taking place Wednesday the 26th at the ADC Gallery on West 29th Street. Receive paper samples and learn more about printing.


TMJK said...

I am so happy Spring is finally here, I am tired of the cold weather! It would be so much fun to go to the Macy's Flower Show to celebrate Spring - it would have been cool to go and see Martha Stewart kick off the show! Have you heard that she is going to be doing a floral line with! Can't wait for that!

Joanne said...

Interesting... I hadn't heard about the floral line!
I love the Macy's floral show--- I have friends coming in this weekend from Boston and I bet they'll love stopping in there.

nina kuriloff said...

i love the cheerful and very lovely purse by oktak!

it brings a smile to my face!

KimmChi said...

I know, it's a real great "Spring" bag - Great choice Joanne

TMJK said...

Joanne- the line was on her show this morning! Did you see it? All of the arrangements are so pretty!