September 3, 2008

Bath Time with the {NewNew}

Nesting makes me think of nighttime and all those lovely rituals that make me feel cozy and warm. If I had a quiet night to myself, I would take a nice, long, steamy bath. Here are some great NewNew Team items that I would definitely have for my dream bath.
My bathroom would have this lovely print on the wall, from SpinachNPeace.

I would use these wonderful soaps from nordeasoaperie.

Along with these cloths from EcoKate.

I would soak forever with this soothing eye pillow from loveforever.

Jedd, a shark monster from KarensMonsters would keep guard and protect me.

And, of course, I would have to wear my little duck ring from metalsugar.

Wish I did not have to wake up from this dream!


KimmChi said...

What a great fun selection of items!! Love it!

May Luk said...

Often I have creative ideas coming from relaxing in the bath. I have never said Eureka though. Singing is best done in the shower, IMO.

Thanks for the nice post.