September 4, 2008

Displaying Jewelry in the Home

As a seller, I've had to come up with interesting ways to display my jewelry at craft shows. Using pieces that tied in with my style of work, it makes the whole presentation more cohesive and visually pleasing. Displays don't have to cost a lot either - here are samples of my displays that can easily be incorporated in the home:

Earring Display
Using a vase and bendable branches found at a craft supply store. Wiry florals will work too, depending on what look you're going for. I've also used real branches and gave them a few coats of fixative to seal it. You can fill the vase with either rice or sand to weigh it down.

Necklace Display
I also found this frame at a local craft store. You can scour thrift stores and flea markets for interesting frames. This is a 16"x20" frame that I lined with corkboard and a layer of white fabric. I used straight pins to hold up my necklaces.

Matboard Necklace Display
If you're really on a tight budget, this will work in pinch. I cut out a shape that I liked, made a couple of slits at the top to hold the necklace chains, painted it chocolate brown, and glued a flap in the back to prop it up. Voila!

I hope you've been inspired to create your own unique displays!



KimmChi said...

what beautiful and clever ideas!

May Luk said...

What great ideas! I love those earrings too.

Anonymous said...

The earrings in the vase are lovely! I hung bracelets from a tiny Christmas tree at a show today! That was eye-catching to customers. I also like the display with necklaces! That would be nice hanging or leaning or sitting up with an easel! See more ideas at There are 4 hubs there that talk about display options! Hope you enjoy! Teri