September 9, 2008

Organizing, A Crafter's Nightmare

I decided I had too much stuff when even my husband, renowned pack-rat that he is, started to complain about the fabric, boxes, even monsters that were everywhere. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of money for fancy organizing mechanisms or a new house or apartment that comes with rooms of shelves and gigantic closets. We live in Brooklyn, and while it's a bit better than a Manhattan apartment, it's only a small step up on the totem pole.

I had to completely rethink how to organize. Craig's List was the best help, providing me with inexpensive shelves and those big plastic drawers. But wanted something fancy if it was going to be out and about. Something that actually felt like it was a part of the rest of the room, not just something functional.

I had this:

It wasn't pretty and it needed to go.

I found a pretty cube shelving system, not too expensive (especially if you get them on sale), but the price starts to go up if you want the baskets for each cube, or the fancy doors and backs. After a bit of internet searching, I found some GREAT tutorials for fabric baskets. Using a combination of this and this, and a few of my own tweaks (hello pockets!) I made enough fabric baskets in fun colors to store that big pile of junk and could use the tubs in a few more out of the way places.

And now I think maybe running my own crafting business out of my small, Brooklyn apartment might just be possible.

By Karen
of Karen's Monsters


MaryAnne LoVerme said...

You are inspiring me to tackle some dark and scary crafting corners.

May Luk said...

Where do I send in my 'before' picture? :-)

Marilyn said...

This is great! I need to look into this for my own space. I have a boyfriend who collects toys...sorry, "action figures" so between him and my supplies, our place can get pretty chaotic.

Karen's Monsters said...

Chaotic is probably the best word to describe more apartment pretty often too.

Huzzah to bringing light to dark and scary corners!

Haha, May.

cakehouse said...

so inspiring....i see fabric baskets in my future too!

nina kuriloff said...

great going!

i love your new storage units.

east4thstreet said...

I am so impressed and inspired!

hamptonjewels said...

Beautiful solution! I love how hidden and tidy it looks. And pretty!

bungaloe said...

karen that was so inspiring! i need to organize my supplies