March 31, 2009

First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Next month is my 1 year anniversary. I can’t believe it, it just went so fast!

The traditional gift for one year anniversary is paper.

I’m not quite sure what that means though.

Is it a journal? This one from Collective Elements:

Or a drawing, this one from Jenna Newton:

Or a paper nest? Like this one from Pandawithcookie:

Or even a scrapbook from WaiSze:

Any other ideas?? Please share yours in the comments. Thanks!

Lorina of The Original Beadscarf


Kelle's Kitchen said...

Papercuts! There are a ton on Etsy - my favorite are the papercut night light shades :)

KimmChi said...

that's a good idea too! I love being imaginative with paper gifts!

KimmChi said...
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Paperelle said...

Great picks! I gave my husband aquarium tickets for our first anniversary, we had a little weekend getaway.

waisze said...
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waisze said...

I kept a journal of our one year marriage and gave it to my husband. I was going to continue the trend but unfortunately couldn't keep up with it =T

panda with cookie said...

Thanks for showcasing my paper nest!


Wow! What a great list! This took some time to put together.
Thank you so much.