March 30, 2009

Simple and Versatile Paper Flower Garland

One of the biggest wedding budget-savers is to do some of the decorations yourself. Here is a very simple and versatile paper flower garland you can make that looks great without breaking the bank. And because you choose the colors, length and look of this garland, it is perfect for all types of gatherings such as receptions and bridal showers.

You will need:
  • Colored paper, card stock (any type of paper that is bendable)
  • Flower punch
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
You can find all of these materials at your local crafts store. For this particular project I used 1 sheet of vellum, and a flower punch I had on hand.
Each 8.5" x 11" size sheet can more or less fit about 20 flowers. Punch a row of flowers along a side, then just use scissors to remove the punched portion.

Once you have enough flowers punched out, punch a hole in the center of the flowers.

Thread a ribbon into the centers of the flowers and keep it in groups of two.
Once you've threaded all your paper flowers through the ribbon, you can determine the length and look of your garland.
Fold each paper flower in half. This will give it dimension.
Once you've folded all the paper flowers, you can spread out each cluster as you like.

By pushing all the clusters close, you can create a lei effect!

The great thing about this project is that it's really fool-proof and inexpensive. It softens up a space instantly without costing a lot. And since it's paper and ribbon, it's definitely a lot more environmentally friendly than using cut flowers.

By Lisa
-Pretty Stationery for Beautiful Souls


cakehouse said...

that is so pretty---i'd do that for any kind of a party!

mtlopez9 said...

So simple, so pretty! I love it!

KimmChi said...

omg, i love it - so simple and beautiful

MaryAnne LoVerme said...

I want!

Nguyen said...

So sweet - I love it!

Jantar Handcrafted Jewelry said...

I love it! it also would make a beautiful Christmas tree decoration.

Karina said...

Really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

persuede said...

I love charming.

Ikyoto said...

Simple and stylish... a great tutorial.

aStudiobytheSea said...

Lovely! So simple and beautiful. It reminds me of Nord Boontje, or whatever that designer's name is who does the modern cut paper designs.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I will definitely be trying this out at my next party, thanks for the idea!I bet it would look great if you tied a knot at he end and dangled these above a buffet, dessert bar or drink station too, hmmm...

step885 said...

How gorgeous! And easy to use supplies! You're a genius :) Can't wait to try