April 18, 2011

Etsy's Taste Test to the Rescue

My brother's birthday and Mother's Day are coming up and I have no idea what to get them. Luckily Etsy's taste test can lend me a hand. Etsy launched the taste test prior to the holidays last year. It generates a visual quiz. You pick an item from a list of suggestions, which leads you to another brief list of suggestions and eventually generates a personalized taste map for you.

Here are some of the selections it generated for my mother:

The Sunshine Print by our own VirginiaKraljevic, Vintage Paris Rose gift tags by Creative Visions, a Felted Pebble Set by delica, Down Under Natural Soap Bars by IntentioNs, and a Pen Pencil Holder by lessandmore.

For my brother, the taste test suggested:

A digits calendar by useyourdigits,a Come to the Dark Side T-Shirt by SignatureTshirts, salt and peppershaker set by The {NewNew}'s Romi Ceramics, a mini faux deer head, by iheartsammi, a sterling and titanium ring by Down to the Wire Design, and a book holder by Wonderland Furniture.

I found those to be surprisingly good choices I wouldn't have discovered by myself. So why don't you try it yourself!


KimmChi Silkscreened Apparel said...

awesome, love this! I am getting great taste tips now on my Etsy Front page, its dangerous for me! So much great stuff

Metalicious said...

I love the taste test!! Every time I log in I see something new I want to buy.