January 10, 2009

How-To Wrap Up 2008

NewNew How To

Here is a wrap up of all of the How-To's The {NewNew} has provided you this past year, starting from oldest to most recent.

If you felt uncreative in 2008 and made a resolution to change that in 2009, now is your time to get crafty!

Paper from Junk Mail By Kimmchi
Paper Flowers By Kimmchi
Aluminum Can Jewelry By Angie of Brooklyn Soul
Fabric Scrap Necklace
T-shirt Surgery By Kristen of Cakehouse
Patchwork Blanket By Martin of Adornments NYC
Bottle Cap Magnet By Marilyn of Pulp Sushi
Recycle Paper By Kristen of Cakehouse
Crochet Bangle By Danielle of Collective Elements
Ribbon Flowers By Kari of Ikyoto
Gocco Printing By Fading Flowers
Stuffed Monster By Karen of Karen's Monsters
Finger Puppets By May Luk
Finger Knitting By Kate
Fabric Board By Red Bridge Studio
Coaster By Kimmchi
Wings By Karen of Karen's Monsters
Tote Bag By Molly of Molly Shoelace
Sugar Scrub By Blue Stitch Books
Jewelry Display For Selling By Alicia of Lingua Nigra
Tshirt Bag By Tanya of Luckx4
Four Hole Binding By Jessica of Minature Rhino
Paper Decorations By Lauren of Paperelle


-Michelle of Dirty Loves Clean


MaryAnne LoVerme said...

perfect entertainment for a snowy day!

KimmChi said...

Awesome! I had always meant to try and ikyoto's ribbon flowers, thanks for bringing these back up!

ThePeachTree said...

How wonderful having these all in one place! Looks like a busy year!!

molly shoelace said...

cool! thanks for compiling:)

May Luk Ceramics said...

So much to craft, so little time! Thanks for putting it together.